Senders Construction, LLC joins IGII, Brian Sender named Construction Division President

Iowa Growth Investors Incorporated has announced the addition of Senders Construction, LLC as announced on April 5th. Brian Sender has become an inside shareholder of IGII and will continue to develop his very high quality form of construction for his customers supported by the IGII finance and management team. Senders Construction will now be located in IGII's new Management Center in the Big Creek Technology Campus in Polk City. Brian Sender will manage the construction of IGII-related projects as well as other construction projects along with the IGII management team. Sender has significant experience in the construction industry in a variety of different situations and has quickly established a reputation for quality craftsmanship. He recently was awarded management for the construction of the IGII Management Center. IGII believes there is significant potential for the growth this business in Polk City and Central Iowa and as Sender grows his business and staff, it will provide an opportunity for solid construction jobs and related work in the area.

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