IGII thanks companies and individuals for their work on our initial project

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. sponsored a "Thank You" advertisement in Sundays edition of the Fort Dodge Messenger. The ad was placed to publicly thank the individuals and companies for all of the work that went into our initial project in Fort Dodge. We are proud to thank approximately 149 individuals and 39 different companies who assisted in some way with the project. IGII was formed for the sole purpose of creating work and jobs. We believe that this project displays that purpose over our first ten months. We truly appreciate all of the effort in making this project a success.

We take a lot of pride in making routine projects beautiful for the sake of the city, the previous owner and the neighborhood. We did this by adding enormous value to an already valuable area of Fort Dodge. This benefits the community by adding to the tax base and also benefits the neighborhood by adding beauty and value to surrounding property. View the full Fort Dodge Messenger ad.

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