IGII conducts the quarterly Board of Directors meeting for Quarter 2, 2015

IGII announced that the quarterly Board of Directors meeting for the second quarter of the 2015 corporate year was conducted on July 24, 2015. The meeting included review of Quarter 2 and year to date accomplishments of the corporation and its affiliates. The board asked for a special meeting in late August to discuss recent developments in Fort Dodge as the chairman has been approached by a group from that area to consider commercial real estate projects for early 2016. The board also discussed the success of Garden Home sales in the Wolf Creek Townhome Association noting 1.6 Million in gross sales over the past nine months and the expectation is to be sold out of these units by early 2016. The board also discussed the potential positive impact of an upcoming Polk City Bond for approval of a Recreation Complex consisting of athletic fields and aquatic center. The new management team presented the potential for IGII to expand its development property, both commercial and residential in the Polk City area and the board approved this major expansion to include expansion of its construction group to be focused and ready when the Polk City Bond issue passes. The board asked that his expansion also be reviewed at a special meeting in late August. Additionally an expansion of the IGII management and business research activity was presented to further consider three various Ag-related startup opportunities which could be located in Polk City. The next corporate board meeting is scheduled for October, 2015.

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