IGII conducts the quarterly Board of Directors meeting for Quarter 1, 2015

IGII announced that the quarterly Board of Directors meeting for the first quarter of the 2015 corporate year was conducted on April 24, 2015. The meeting included review of Quarter 1 accomplishments of the corporation and its affiliates. The board made special mention and commended the performance of the Sender Construction President for the quality of all construction projects and; for ensuring that at completion our valued customers received a great value with few to no surprises. The board also discussed future opportunities to include the potential expansion of development property in the Fort Dodge area for both commercial and residential opportunities. In addition, the board discussed the upcoming Special Bond in Polk City to consider the construction of a multimillion dollar recreation complex to be located very near the IGII Management Center. If approved this would greatly benefit the city, increase property value and potentially bring additional growth to the Polk City area. IGII and Polk City Real Estate have experienced brisk sales of their Garden Homes in the Wolf Creek Townhome complex and this Bond, if approved should enhance those sales. The board directed that a discussion of potential opportunities associated with this bond be examined in depth at the next board meeting scheduled for July, 2015.

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