IGII Conducts Annual Shareholder Meeting

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. conducted the Annual Shareholder Meeting on June, 14, 2019. The meeting was hosted at the Iowa Growth Management Center in Polk City, Iowa. All shareholders or their representatives were present to review the final new direction for IGII in 2020 and beyond.  IGII management presented the recommendations for transitional steps which IGII will undertake in the coming months. The recommendations were reviewed and approved by the shareholders. These transitional steps will better position IGII to leverage future opportunities. Implementation is expected to be completed by late 2019. Additionally, Curtis Blake, who has been with the company for nearly four years, was named Manager of IGII and appointed to the Board of Directors effective immediately. Blake fills the director vacancy left by the departure of Raymond K. Bradt, Jr. His resume can be found on the management tab of this website.

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