IGII announces the death of Marge Brown

IGII announced the death of Marge Brown who passed away at her home in Fountain Hills, Arizona on December 9, 2013. Mrs. Brown was a long time business partner and member of First Continental Group where she served on the Board of Directors until her death. Mrs. Brown known simply as "Marge” was also a member of the Marge Knutson Brown Corporation and other various high-risk investment companies. She remained active in Real Estate development and high-risk investing until her death. Mrs. Brown and her husband Joe were very active in real estate projects in Fort Dodge, Iowa and were early (1971) participants in the early stages of high-risk investing during the founding of Fountain Hills, AZ. Marge’s maiden name was Knutson. She was raised in Badger and Fort Dodge, IA. Her Grandfather founded the city of Badger and her Father gifted the land for the city park. Badger, IA is a "suburb" of Fort Dodge, IA. Marge and Joe, along with the Brown and Knutson families participated in high-risk investing and the development of communities all of their lives. Marge recently received an award for her 52 years of experience in Real Estate development and sales in Fort Dodge, IA and Fountain Hills, AZ. Joe preceded Marge in death in 1999. She will be greatly missed by her partners and friends.

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