IGII announces homes will be available early spring 2014

IGII announced today the start of home construction in the Wolf Creek Townhome complex with the recent break in weather. IGII will be moving forward with construction plans for the build-out of 19 Townhomes and Garden Homes for future sale. The first site located at 821 and 825 West Trace Dr. will feature a two-car townhome at each address both of which should be ready for viewing by late April. In the coming weeks, IGII will also begin construction of a new Garden Home design featuring two and three car models along the Northern and Western edge of the property. IGII expects those units to be ready in late May to June of this year. Interested buyers are welcome to contact IGII direct at (515) 329-8001, or stop by the corporate office at 115 East Vista Lake Dr. in Polk City to discuss this or other design types and details, or to review lot locations available. Additionally, interested parties may contact their favorite realtor. Interior options are available. Watch for further announcements concerning completion and availability in the future. A Sample Photo of the three car Garden Home and the Townhome at 821/825 are shown to the right.

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