IGII and its affiliate Polk City Real Estate announce 1.6 Million in Garden Home sales plus the sale of 900 West Trace Drive in Polk City, Iowa

IGII and its affiliate, Polk City Real Estate have experienced brisk sales of their Garden Homes in the Wolf Creek Townhome Association and announced today that gross sales have reached 1.6 Million over the past nine months. Each unit represents consistent construction work for about fifteen subcontractors that in turn, affect continued employment for approximately 75 people which has a significant impact to the local economy. The construction of this home is expected to begin in early August, 2015 and should be completed by November, 2015. IGII’s affiliate, Sender’s Construction, will manage the construction process. Sender’s Construction provides the buyer with a unique interactive construction process that allows the customer to be a part of the construction, to have the home built to suit their individual needs and results in a high-quality and well-constructed home. For more information about Sender’s Construction and the high-quality construction projects they provide, visit the website at: sendersconstruction.com.

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