Operational Changes Announced for BSSI

IGII and its affiliate, Brookstone Specialty Services, Inc. (BSSI), are no longer in the livestock transport business. Originally this fit our corporate mandate to save and add jobs, therefore BSSI was formed. Throughout the lifetime of this BSSI department, the company experienced extreme difficulty in finding reasonably priced insurance coverage and, most importantly; was unable to find, hire and maintain a full complement of qualified drivers. BSSI also inherited a large fleet of Volvo semi-tractors through an existing and unfavorable cost plus agreement with the supplier resulting in a large lease agreement that was breached on a number of issues by the lease company. After considerable losses and numerous attempts to re-negotiate failed to establish better terms with suppliers, drivers and insurance providers, the IGII board made the difficult decision to exit the industry. IGII and BSSI negotiated a favorable end to the lease, settled and withdrew from the industry. All other agricultural related operations remain active and BSSI will attempt to salvage a small portion of its investment through the sub-contracting of a site manager to keep the wash services going and fulfill the obligation of the leased wash facility.

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