Management Team

The Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. Board of Directors represents a collective 100 years of business related experience. Our directors have been involved in business development from the start-up level to turnarounds. The management team’s involvement with companies like Welch Products and Accumold demonstrate the success achieved under the leadership of management team members. The Board of Directors is committed to ensure that IGII lives up to its job creation and growth mantra.

Lavern Holtorf, President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Holtorf is a co-founder of Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. Mr. Holtorf was Vice President of Operations for First Continental Industries and later, Vice President of Operations for Welch Products, Inc. located in Carlisle, Iowa until the company was sold to a public company in 2007. Mr. Holtorf provided leadership and operating expertise to many aspects of the Welch Products manufacturing and product development divisions for over six years. Mr. Holtorf's expertise was instrumental in designing and implementing new products for the Welch highway construction division, NTACT, as well as the design, development and implementation of Welch's patented rolling press. As VP of Operations, Mr. Holtorf managed playground construction projects, contractor relationships, labor scheduling and quality control for playground surfacing installations. Mr. Holtorf received his electronics degree from Devry Technical Institute in Chicago, Illinois and served as the communications manager for the Iowa Department of Transportation, State of Iowa. Mr. Holtorf’s team at the Iowa DOT led the nation in developing the first statewide, integrated wireless communication solution utilizing voice and data over the same VHF channel. Mr. Holtorf resides in Ankeny, Iowa with his wife, Jane and is active in both his church and the community. He has served as a City Council member, Community Development Board member and Church Deacon as well as owning a small business in his community.

Bruce A. Boland, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Boland is a co-founder of Iowa Growth Investors, Incorporated. In addition to his board membership, Mr. Boland was a founder and partner in Fort Dodge Real Estate LLC and Polk City Real Estate LLC until they merged in 2016 into Sender’s Construction, LLC, which is an owned by IGII. Mr. Boland is the Chief Executive Officer of First Continental Group, (FCG) and Chairman of First Continental Financial, (FCF) which is a Des Moines, Iowa based High Risk Investment Management Firm. As President and CEO of FCG and FCF, Boland received the Governor's Industry Quality Product Award, Governors Quality Company Award, and the Iowa State University Engineering Award. Mr. Boland was the founder of First American Telephone Companies and Regional Communication Industries, a national and regional communication group of early stage communications and technology driven companies known as Integrated Communication Networks, (ICN) Johnston, Iowa. He was also a founder and chairman of First Continental Industries; a Control Company of AccuMold Incorporated, an Ankeny, Iowa based micro molder of specialized, high valued resin products. As the Accumold Co-Chairman and largest shareholder, as well as the exclusive Executive Vice President of Merger and Acquisition, Mr. Boland oversaw the sale of AccuMold in 2006, as well as the sale of Welsch Products, Convergent Communications, Texas Communications Group, Florida Communications, Inc. and New Mexico Communications Enterprises. Mr. Boland was also a founder of First Continental Industries, LLC, a Capital, Finance and Investment company which invested in a diversified number of privately held, high-risk interests in technology, real estate, leasing and finance. He was also a founder, Chairman and Acting CEO of Welch Products Inc. located in Carlisle, Iowa which was sold to a public company in 2007. Mr. Boland is a current board member of other privately held companies and Financial Trusts. Mr., Boland resides in Polk City, Iowa with his wife, Terri.

Stacy K. Rougemont, Director

Stacy has been deeply involved with IGII since 2015 and was added to the IGII board of directors since December, 2017. She is an Arizona native with her roots in farming, which connects her to Iowa.  She studied accounting at Northern Arizona University and The University of Phoenix.  She took a position in corporate card services at American Express where she worked for seven years managing accounts for both large companies as well as small businesses.  In 2006, Stacy joined her husband and began working at their family-owned insurance agency, Rougemont Insurance Group, LLC located in Glendale, AZ. Today Stacy is an owner of the company.  Stacy is also the CEO of SKR Investments, an oil and risk investment group. Stacy and her husband L. J. reside in Glendale, AZ with their three children.

David E. Lindberg, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Effective November 1, 2016, David Lindberg was approved by the IGII Board to fill a vacancy on the Board. Lindberg was also approved and accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Lindberg is a graduate of Bellevue University with a Bachelor of Science, Management Major Degree. He is a retired Colonel, Iowa Army National Guard which includes 24 years of active duty assignments culminating in Iowa Army Guard Chief of Staff. Mr. Lindberg has Executive Leadership and Management experience including significant knowledge of Human Resources, Operations, Logistics and Finance. Mr. Lindberg has the unique ability to identify, isolate and provide solutions to complex problems and issues using the disciplines learned through his career experiences. He possesses exceptional organizational skills and a demonstrated ability to oversee multiple complex requirements. Mr. Lindberg previously served as the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Office for IGII. Mr. Lindberg is responsible for executive decision making, executive management and corporate objectives as well as oversight of corporate holdings and operations. His expertise and experience brings strong Professional and Ethics-focused leadership, as well as integrity and discipline to Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. Mr. Lindberg resides in Clive, Iowa with his wife, Susan.

Curt Blake, IGII Manager, Director

Curt has been with IGII since October, 2015. He has previously served as a Special Projects consultant with emphasis on sales development and operations. Curt has a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University majoring in Agricultural Business, Sales and Marketing. His professional experience includes ten years with Rain and Hail, LLC, AVP Marketing – Midwest Division in Des Moines, IA and, co-ownership of Biere-Blake Properties, LLC since 2001. Curt is very active in the community serving in a number of capacities. He was appointed to the IGII board of directors and contracted as the IGII Manager in June, 2019. Curt and his wife, Jill along with their sons Mason and Connor reside in Polk City, IA.

Brian C. Sender, President, IGII Construction Department

Brian Sender joined the Iowa Growth Management Team in May, 2013 as the President of the construction department. In this assignment he manages Sender’s Construction, LLC, an IGII operating company. He has 15 years’ experience in the construction industry. His experience includes both residential and commercial projects. Brian is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Technology Management and also received an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Maintenance and HVAC Installation from Kirkwood Community College. He was employed by a number of construction companies over a 10 year period where he gained valuable construction experience and knowledge. During that time he was also provided opportunities to plan and manage construction projects. Brian has significant experience with regard to construction techniques, environmental requirements and construction budgets as well as construction management processes and controls. In the 2 years previous to joining the IGII team, he owned and operated his own construction company offering new residential construction services as well as renovations and remodeling projects of all sizes. During this period Brian built a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship and for doing what he says he’ll do. His management ability, experience base and knowledge coupled with the reputation for quality he brings to the company adds significant value to IGII’s operations. Brian and his wife, Kathleen along with their son Rowan currently reside in Urbandale, Iowa.