Sender's Construction, LLC

Sender’s Construction, LLC is an Iowa limited liability company formed in May, 2013. The company is based in Polk City, Iowa, and services the surrounding area. Sender’s Construction offers a full in line of residential and commercial construction services. The company works closely with their clients to ensure satisfaction, while providing high quality construction service based upon client needs.

The primary focus of Sender’s Construction is large scale renovations. Sender’s can make your renovation ides come alive and complete your project with quality and at competitive prices.

Sender’s Construction works closely with some of the largest and most respected vendors and subcontractors in central Iowa. Whatever your project requires, Sender’s Construction can help you find it. 

Brian Sender, the construction manager, brings years of experience in a variety of construction projects and a combination of project management, technical and creative expertise.

For more information on the company service offerings or references, contact us at (515) 329-8004, or visit our website at www.sendersconstruction.com



Office Suite Leasing

The "Point on Broadway"

The “Point on Broadway” is a newly renovated office building owned by Sender’s Construction and located at 302 West Broadway in Polk City, Iowa. Formerly known as the “Broken Arrow” building prior to renovation on the Northwest corner of the City Square, “The Point on Broadway” is situated on the busiest intersection in town and today without doubt is one of the most unique and attractive buildings on the Square or in Polk City.

Building History

The building has a long and unique history dating back to 1874 when the building on the corner of 3rd and Broadway began as a hotel. That same year the railroad came to Polk City and by order of the city council the only boardwalk in town was constructed between the train depot and the hotel. The old building changed owners a few times but continued to operate as a hotel until 1938 when the building burned in a glorious fire.

In 1940, two local businessmen purchased the lots that had been cleared after the fire and constructed a new building which was designed to house businesses on the lower level and four apartments on the top floor. A grocery store was the first business on the lower level and the top floor apartments rented for $18.00 ($330.00 in 2020 dollars). Through the next 25 years a host of newly wedded couples had their first apartment there and so it became known in town as the Honeymoon Suites. In addition to the grocery store, a beauty shop and a barber shop operated for there for a number of years. In the early 1950’s the grocery store gave way to a restaurant business. The first cafe in town was the Polk City Café, which later in the 50’s became the Hi-Way café. In the 1960’s the restaurant was taken over by a local woman and became Ma Gray’s and in 1969 new owners changed the name to the Broadway Café.

In the mid-1970’s, a successful Deli and Saloon business located in the Drake neighborhood in Des Moines, expanded their business in the same format to Polk City and they purchased the building. The building was transitioned into a bar and was named the Broken Arrow. The remodeling process took 14 months to find enough barn boards around the countryside to decorate the interior in a rustic design.

A huge Broken Arrow sign hung over the door and a Cigar Store Indian stood guard at the door. The grand opening was held in 1975 during Polk City’s Centennial celebration. The Broken Arrow became one of the first bars in the area to feature live music and was widely known for the lively party atmosphere. Eventually there was a saying that “All roads lead to the Broken Arrow” which highlighted how easy the place was to find. Besides the bar, it became a very good place to eat. The business also offered deli food from glass cases. Patrons could point out what they wanted and eat there, or order to go. The reputation grew and so did the number of patrons who frequented the bar/deli.

Throughout the years the owners changed, the reputation changed as the business began to attract larger and frequently rowdy crowds. The reputation and stories also grew. Everyone had a story about the Broken Arrow and everyone knew where to find Polk City.

In 1989 the empty building came up for sale and a local businesswoman, bothered by the reputation of the bar, bought the building. In 1991 she acquired a screen printing company and moved the business and its employees to the former Broken Arrow bar in Polk City. The interior design and décor remained the same and they opened the Broken Arrow Custom T-shirt Printing business. As their business expanded, they added 3,000 square feet to the west side of building that previously was the beer garden. Eventually the business outgrew the building and in 2012 the Broken Arrow Custom T-shirt Printing moved to a larger facility in Urbandale, Iowa. She had hopes of bringing another business to the old building, but when it became clear that this would not happen the building was put up for sale.


Sender’s Construction purchased the building in 2016. After a year of addressing the many environmental issues and other problems that existed necessary to bring the lot into modern compliance, in 2017 it was determined it was time for the 150-year-old portion of the structure to be demolished. The west-side addition was kept intact but heavily updated. Today the building, now known as “the Point on Broadway”, has been totally renovated and features twelve office suites, a center conference room, break area and outdoor courtyard. The renovation cost was extensive; however, the building is now a feature property on the City Square.

The courtyard area was dedicated in honor of George Beebe, founder of Polk City, as a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony on November 2, 2018. A plaque is mounted at the northeast corner of the outdoor plaza dedicating the area as the George Beebe Plaza.

Various companies and individuals currently have existing lease agreements for the office suites and a few suites remain available for lease with reasonable terms for the area. For more information on leasing, or the building, contact us at (515) 329-8001/2/3/4.



Brookstone Specialty Services, Inc.

Located in the heart of the Agriculture Corridor and Iowa State University, Brookstone Specialty Services, Inc. (BSSI) is a Specialty Services company as the name implies. BSSI is developing agricultural services, providing sales, service and marketing support to the agricultural community and suppliers from around the world. Since we are a multi-line distributor of proven, high-quality products, we can provide the most appropriate system based on a customer's unique needs.

BSSI is eager to take on “special” projects that are the most unusual or difficult to accomplish. From installing to cleaning services, BSSI can find a way to satisfy client needs in this specialty area.

Sales & Service

BSSI will represent your product for sale to a wide variety of potential clients. BSSI is capable of housing inventory for display and has developed the sales and reporting ability for any type of product. Our installation and service departments ensure your system is the right system, installed correctly, and is serviced in a timely and professional manner. BSSI is your partner after the sales and installation, no matter where your operation is located.

Truck & Trailer Wash Service

Since 2015, BSSI has also added a large scale truck wash facility, specializing in trailer wash outs, exterior washes, interior cab cleaning, and tanker clean outs. Located at the crossroads of agricultural country near the intersection of Interstates 80 and 35 in Ames, IA, the wash is operational Monday - Friday 6 am to 1 am; Saturday 7:30 am to 4pm, and on Sunday 8am to midnight.

Mobile Wash Service

BSSI also offers wash, cleaning and repair service at your location. BSSI is capable of washing rolling stock, trailers, production facilities or livestock barns of all types. This is a specialty service that includes emergency clean up or bio-secure operations. BSSI can bring the service to you based on your schedule and needs.

For more information concerning BSSI or to inquire about service offerings, contact us at (151) 329-8001/2/3, or visit our website at www.brookstonespecialty.com



IGII Management Center

The IGII Management Center is located at 115 East Vista Lake Avenue in Polk City, Iowa. The management center sits on two acres at the entrance to the Big Creek Technology Campus at the North Edge of the city. The land was purchased from Knapp Properties in 2014 and the management center was constructed in 2015/2016. General Contractor for the construction was Sender’s Construction.

The Big Creek Technology Campus was created as a light industrial area for Polk City and remained vacant until IGII purchased two properties from Knapp in 2015. IGII also purchased the property across the street from the current management center at 108 East Vista Lake Avenue, which is just over three acres.

Our management center was occupied in November of 2016. From this location IGII manages its various holdings and conducts daily business. The center is 3,200 square feet with five office suites, conference room and break area, as well as common areas for additional office space. The center also houses the storage, shop are and offices for Sender’s Construction.

The facility sits on 2.2 acres allowing for the expansion of the management facility as future requirements dictate the need to do so. In addition, the company also has access to 3 acres directly across the street from the management center which can be built out to suit and leased or sold to interested parties.



Wolf Creek Technology, LLC

Wolf Creek Technology, LLC, located in Polk City, Iowa is an “Information Technology” based company currently in the small start-up phase. The company primarily focuses on a variety of IT products and processes with its primary focus on Web Site Design, Graphic Art Design, Web hosting, Domain management and programming requirements. The company is managed by Dave Kyle who has significant experience in computer programming, website application, design and development as well as multimedia courseware design. His experience base along with his acquired knowledge in the industry has served Dave well in managing client needs his small start-up.

Wolf Creek Technology continues to operate on a relatively small scale in the near term as IGII management looks for the right opportunity that, when coupled with this platform could provide potential for future growth and expansion.

For more information on the company service offerings or references, contact visit their website at www.wolfcreekweb.com