Financial - Is More Than Money

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. actively seeks new opportunities for investment. At IGII we believe in quality people, unconventional ideas and great products that satisfy customer needs. We invest in only the best opportunities and then only when the timing is right. We do so with a clear focus and pre-determined exit strategies. Only when all the facts have been gathered, the risks determined and potential returns assessed, do we proceed with an investment decision.

Services and Resources. As a proactive shareholder, we can help your business with more than capital. Increasing shareholder value is achieved through executing a sound plan with adequate capital. If needed we help the business develop a realistic, aggressive plan with controls to measure progress. Additionally, our contacts within business and government can help your business overcome common roadblocks on the path to success. We also offer access to professional legal, accounting and personnel recruiting resources.

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. is not only in the business of developing jobs, but has business model known as PDP - Platform Development Project. This business development model is a method by which IGII will invest in your business for the long run for development of People, Products, Investment and Execution (PPIE) of your business.

Looking at Expansion? IGII has teamed up with First Continental Group, LLC and MKBC along with other resources to expand its available financial resources to invest in any viable business that can be moved to Polk City, Iowa.

IGII has also teamed with the following organizations:

  • Wells Fargo Financial
  • Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Bankers Trust
  • Northwest Bank
  • Bruce Boland Trust
  • Bruce & Theresa Boland Trust
  • Crown King IGII Investments, LLC
  • SKR IGII Investments, LLC


IGII Launch Platforms

Sender's ConstructionRougemont Insurance GroupWolf Creek TechnologyComing Soon!Coming Soon!

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