About Us

Iowa Growth Investors was formed unofficially in August, 2011 and officially with the Iowa Secretary of State as a full “C” corporation in November, 2011. The company was formed under the, Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993. The short version of the act was, among other things, to create tools to help private investors to support old jobs and create new jobs.

The founders felt it appropriate to go back into business after their respective retirements to impact the current need for job growth, and at the same time assist people. The founders believe that the corporation’s resources can help in some way to support a struggling business environment, and also to create or save jobs in the state. In addition, IGII can support new start-up companies, or mid level small growth companies to overcome the challenges presented in business today.

There is no assurance Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. will be successful in creating jobs or assisting families. We do however firmly believe our collective expertise developed through the course of our combined careers which includes business development, meeting payrolls and investing to grow all types of business in a vast array of industries, can help solve job growth problems.

Our experience in business analysis, consulting and managing demonstrates our ability to solve problems, grow business opportunities and create job growth.

The IGII corporate office is located in Polk City, Iowa. Since our founding, our primary focus has been in two areas. The first; Fort Dodge and Polk City, Iowa where the IGII activity is described under the “Projects” tab. Fort Dodge Real Estate, LLC was formed to leverage opportunities in business and real estate in Fort Dodge and Webster County. Polk City Real Estate, LLC was formed to leverage the same type of opportunities in the Polk City and Polk County area in Central Iowa. The second area of primary focus is in Fountain Hills and Glendale, Arizona. Investments and potential growth of IGII business opportunities will be announced through time on the Projects or Press Releases tabs.

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