October 3, 2014:

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of commercial property in Macon, Mo.....

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August 22, 2014:

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. announce the recent approval of the “Joe and Marge Brown Legacy Plaza”....

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June 9, 2014:

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. and Polk City Real Estate announce construction start for new Garden Homes...

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June 1, 2014:

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. and Polk City Real Estate announce Townhomes near completion in Wolf Creek Townhome Association...

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Welcome to Iowa Growth Investors, Inc.

Iowa Growth Investors, Inc.

In October 2011, three retired men discussed the extreme difficulties families were experiencing in the failing U.S economy. One of those men was and remains on the Board of Directors of First Continental Group. Over four years previously the First Continental Group board agreed to try to find a way to help by creating work and jobs for those truly in need. Four years later these three men became the original founders of a corporation with no assets, but a strong desire to impact the need for work and jobs. The corporation was formed under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 and eventually became what is now Iowa Growth Investors, Incorporated.

The primary purpose of Iowa Growth Investors, Incorporated (IGII) is to create work and jobs. IGII accomplishes this purpose through business turnaround and project development.

Our proven business methodologies can be implemented to create jobs through unique consulting and investing mechanisms. We at Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. take great pride in our ability to improve existing business and to create new business opportunities. Iowa Growth Investors, Inc. has a demonstrated record of performance which can be tracked over the past forty years. The IGII network also includes financial partners capable of every level of investment.

The members of the management team are extremely knowledgeable with regard to business operations. Their experience, as well as having a previous record of successful performance, demonstrates their ability to improve companies and increase company value.

Iowa needs jobs and IGII is capable and ready to serve that need!

Iowa Growth Investors, Incorporated – It’s about jobs!